organising collide/COLLABO series of events, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

25th-29th June 2006

Welcome to five days of very diverse events at Chelsea College of Art and Design! We have collaborated to present a programme of talks, discussions, workshops and screenings that aim to bridge art and activism and create a critical environment by engaging with many issues throughout. We invite you to attend, participate and critically collaborate with us to help make this an exciting and meaningful week.


Art is not just material that can be bought and sold like any product on the market. In a collaborative project, we aim to move towards making proposals and alternative suggestions as to possible roles of art in society, to build bridges between art and activism and engage in critique.

We are hosting five days of events, discussions, workshops, screenings etc. as part of our degree show at Chelsea College of Art. We invite you to attend, participate and critically collaborate.

Programme of all events: A3 Flyer collide/collabo programme of events

Video sample from one of the events:

Revolution vs The Movement vs The Network?

that took place:
Monday 26th June, 16.00- 18.00h

Chelsea College of Art and Design