Abwehr – Überlebensstrategien in Natur, Wirtschaft, Politik und Alltag

Robin Bhattacharya presents a new work, in collaboration with Catalina Ravessoud, in the exhibition:

Abwehr – Überlebensstrategien in Natur, Wirtschaft, Politik und Alltag

at Vögele Kultur Zentrum, Pfäffikon SZ,

from 6 May – 26 August 2012

Plaid on Plaid

ALTEX (Alternative Currency Exchange) Rates Display
“Plaid on Plaid” is an expression used to describe two patterns that are contrary to each other. It stems from when a man is wearing patterns from two different clans on his kilt – something that was not supposed to be done.
Alternative Currency Exchange, or ALTEX (analogous to FOREX) is the exchange of alternative or complimentary currencies, of which there is an almost infinite amount in circulation. While they may be local currencies, such as the Brixton Pound, digital like BitCoin or artist-made, as is the ROBIN™ currency, all of them yearn for a new economic model.
But how could they create a new shaped economy when they borrow iconography, shape, and economical structure from the dominant monetary systems?
The machine created by Robin Bhattacharya and Catalina Ravessoud displays these ALTEX-Rates in an electronically knitted pattern. While its surface shows a graph, the reverse takes up the different currencies’ far-reaching entanglement.