The Drachma Conjuration

March #29 > April #4, 2011
Drachma – Speculation on Symbolic Value

Drachma is a research initiative, involving artists and theorists across disciplines, with an interest in the Greek economic reality and the Greek currency as a manifestation of this reality. We are investigating the Drachma as a symbol of economic value, national identity and political power, as they are expressed historically in the imagery of the currency. The iconographic and the symbolic representations of the Drachma, in the concrete syntactic context of notes and coins, provide a specific frame of reference to our analysis of Greece today. Our methodology includes archival research, art, economic theory, political design, psychoanalysis … Our production will culminate into a symposium, an exhibition, and a publication.

Annex of the Athens School of Fine Art, Hydra, Greece

National Bank of Greece – Historical Archives

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Nikos Arvanitis is an artist working in Athens & Leipzig
Robin Bhattacharya is an artist working in Zürich
Juliana Borinski is an artist working in Paris
Danilo Correale is an artist working in Naples & Antwerpen
Jack Henrie Fisher is a designer & writer working in Berlin & New York
Assaf Gruber is an artist working in Tel Aviv & Paris
Yota Ioannidou is an artist working in Athens
Matteo Lucchetti is a curator working in Milan & Antwerpen
Mo Y is an architectural research laboratory working in Athens
Giorgos Papadopoulos is an economist & philosopher working in Athens
Liv Strand is an artist working in Stockholm
Amelie Rydqvist is an artist working in Stockholm
Société Réaliste is an artistic cooperative working in Paris
Anna Tsouloufi-Lagiou is an artist working in Athens
Elizabeth Ward is a dancer & a choreographer working in Athens & New York