After ‘Who is Langenthal?’

Article in the MLZ:

‘Wer ist Langenthal?’ (‘Who is Langenthal?’), presented in the exhibition ‘Unter 30’ VI at the Kunsthaus Langenthal from 27.11.2008-4.1.2009, has had, trough its mediatisation, a couple of consequences…

Paul Herzig, a former worker at the porcelain-factory Langenthal and secret agent operating for the Swiss government during World War II, spoke out about the prevalence of the Nazi-ideology at that time and how the rumours surrounding the porcelain-ovens were used to intimidate opponents.


On the other hand the publication of the swastika in the media has caused some critique and discussions about the extent of artistic freedom.

About this find the following ‘Schlagabtausch’ in the weekly ‘Sonntag’ of 21.12.2008 (German only)