Systems Art at Whitechapel Gallery – LondonSystems Art at Whitechapel Gallery – London

27 October 2007 presenting with Critical Practice / Mary Anne Francis
at Systems Art
Whitechapel Gallery

Systems: Art and Collaboration

Mary Anne Francis:
I am working with colleagues in the research cluster Critical Practice Chelsea.

For some while, I’d been pondering the idea of not simply talking about the triangulation of “Systems: Art and Collaboration” – especially as that relates to art-theory, but also attempting to instantiate it. Hence, having drawn up some lines of engagement and formulated some questions they generate, I’ve opened up the debate to Critical Practice – both with capitals and lower case – the one, I hope, implying the other.

Our contribution takes the form of a mini (30 min) Critical Practice meeting – specially convened to discuss what we would like to offer for the symposium around the title ‘Systems: Art and Collaboration’. We will both mull and maul the concept of ‘system’ and demonstrate our commitment to organisational systems in our conduct of the meeting.

The Working Group members for the Critical Practice “meeting event” are: Robin Bhattacharya, Neil Cummings, Ian Drysdale (minutes), Mary Anne Francis, Trevor Giles, Al Page, Tom Trevatt, and Manuela Zechner

With thanks to Wayne Clements, Cinzia Cremona, Rob Dingle, and Neal White for help along the way.

presentation: Saturday, 1pm

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