Round table: Art after the Crash

To celebrate the opening of ‘Show Me The Money: The image of finance, 1700 to the present’, a special symposium brings together exhibiting artists, leading academics from disciplines across art history, contemporary art, and literature, alongside authors and former financiers. The panellists will reflect on the past and present interrelationships between art, money, and finance. Attendance is free but booking is recommended.  Please email to confirm your place.

Admission: FREE

The exhibition preview follows at 6:00 – 8:00pm at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art.

Chair: Professor Julian Stallabrass (Courtauld Institute), art historian, photographer and curator


Bill Balaskas (University of the Creative Arts / Royal College of Art), exhibiting artist
Robin Bhattacharya, exhibiting artist
David Cross of Cornford & Cross (University of the Arts London), exhibiting artist
Dr Sarah Cook (Dundee University), curator of contemporary art, writer, and new media art historian
Geraldine Juárez, exhibiting artist
Immo Klink, exhibiting artist
Professor Nicky Marsh (Southampton University, exhibition co-curator)
Brett Scott, former broker and author of ‘The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money’



DATE: 13th June 3.30 – 5.30pm

LOCATION: Sunderland Museum, Jack Crawford Room

The ROBIN™ Currency – New Numbers AvailableDie ROBIN™ Währung – Neue Zahlen Erhältlich

Responding to the world market situation and in coordination with state and other banks, a brand new series of prime number ROBIN™ has been released.

First offered at the presentation of the Robin AG in Baar (Zug), Switzerland on 6th of December 2008, the following additional ROBIN™ notes are now, as of the 3rd of March 2009, freely available to purchase at The ROBIN™ Currency Online Store:

Angesichts der Situation auf dem Weltmarkt und in Koordination mit Staats- und anderen Banken, wurde eine brandneue Serie von ROBIN™ Primzahlen lanciert.

Erstmals angeboten bei einer Präsentation der Robin AG in Baar (Zug), Schweiz am 6. Dezember 2008, sind die folgenden zusätzlichen ROBIN™ Noten ab sofort den 3, März 2009, frei zu kaufen erhältlich

im Die ROBIN™ Währung Online Store:

Continue readingThe ROBIN™ Currency – New Numbers AvailableDie ROBIN™ Währung – Neue Zahlen Erhältlich


Präsentation Die Robin AG at Values-Werte, Galerie Billing Bild

For the jubilee-exhibition VALUES  – WERTE at the Galerie Billing Bild in Baar, Zug, Robin Bhattacharya devised a number of Structured Products and shares for the ROBIN AG, Baar (Zug).

Download PDF Collage of images and text (German only) from the Powerpoint Präsentation of about 20 minutes: Collage Die Robin AGPräsentation Die Robin AG at Values-Werte, Galerie Billing Bild

Anlässlich der Jubiläums-Ausstellung VALUES  – WERTE in der Galerie Billing Bild in Baar, Zug, entwickelte Robin Bhattacharya eine Anzahl Strukturierter Produkte und Aktien für die ROBIN AG, Baar (Zug).

Download PDF Collage mit Bildern und Texten der ca. 20 minütigen Powerpoint Präsentation: Collage Die Robin AG