Tracing Mobility: Cartography and Migration in Networked Space – Nottingham

Robin Bhattacharya präsentierte Auszüge des The Robin Genome Project am Symposium Tracing Mobility: Cartography and Migration in Networked Space im Nottingham Contemporary im Panel 4 – Radical Cartography: Charting Empires’ Fall

Video Dokumentation (Englisch)

Teil 1 – gehe zu position 40:30 für Präsentation von Robin Bhattacharya

Teil 2:

Einführung (Moderation: Mushon Zer-Aviv)

  • Mushon Zer-Aviv
  • Heath Bunting
  • Jean-Baptiste Naudy (Société Réaliste)
  • Robin Bhattacharya
  • James Kennard

Video Dokumentation des gesamten Events:—tracing-mobility

Disclosures – London

29-30/03/2008 participating with Critical Practice in Disclosures, Gasworks, London

We participated in an event called Disclosures on the 29th – 30th March 2008.

Disclosures seeks to scrutinise the notion of openness across fields of cultural production at large. A first reading of openness refers to situations in which the viewer, reader, listener or internet user becomes emancipated through egalitarian participation, diffuse collaborative authorship and/or the breaking down of hierarchical and social boundaries
It was organised by Anna Colin and Mia Jankowicz of Gasworks. See the programme here.
Critical Practice contributed directly to Phase 1 and Phase 3 of the programme.

Phase 1
We participated in a panel discussion
The View From Here: after Open Congress with Critical Practice, node.London and WMAOYW
1130-1300 Saturday 29th March 2008.
Toynbee Hall, Lecture Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS.
here is our Brechtian multi-voiced Introduction.

Phase 3
In Phase 3, we convened a ResourceCamp to tackle the ‘elephant in the room’ of open organizations and those in receipt of public money – the management and distribution of money and resources.

Critical Practice working group Wiki-page:

Gasworks website with full Disclosures programme: