Nerd for Hire

I have more than a decade of experience in value and its transfer, working with alternative- and crypto-currencies and having created my own currency system, based on prime numbers, in 2010, which since last year also has been selectively minted as NFTs (ERC-721).

I started an Ethereum-mining enterprise in 2018, through which I gained hands-on experience working with the world’s most actively developed blockchain. I am now creating Web 3.0 Dapps with VisualStudioCode/Truffle/Ganache.

Lately I also specialised in EDI implementation, working for one of the country’s leading gastronomic companies: I digitised the creditor’s accounting, by mapping the transferred EDI billing data in Abacus (using JavaScript), as well as newly implementing the ZUGFeRD EDI Format and a new incoming E-mail workflow at the company – all of which greatly reduced expenditure by saving human resources and using a more cost-effective interface.
I also worked as a project manager, coordinating the development with the supplier-side and ensuring compatibility across systems (SAP/Abacus) and harmonising the data-flows.

I have been a nerd ever since getting my first modem at 12, later studying Media Art at one of the worlds’ leading art-schools and gaining in-depth knowledge of various graphics-tools and experience in Web-design and development with WordPress, HTML5 and CSS.

The ROBIN™ Currency on the Ethereum-blockchain

I am very happy, that starting with the 257 ROBIN™ note, the ROBIN™ currency is now also available as an NFT – a non-fungible token (ERC-721) on the Ethereum-blockchain.
This means, two things:

The ROBIN™ coin and notes can now be secured on the second largest and most future-proof blockchain: Even if someone were to “copy” (fake) the ROBIN™ coin or note, only the one physical product corresponding to the one of token holder is certified to be the original ROBIN™. (This makes investing in more expensive, smaller-denomination ROBIN™ safer.)

If you want to purchase ROBIN™ securely without the physical exchange of a ROBIN™ note, you can do so now. On different marketplaces for NFTs you can you now buy a digital certificate that you are the owner of a ROBIN™, without necessarily having to buy the physical ROBIN™ note.

Read more on the official ROBIN™ Currency website: The ROBIN™ Currency on the Ethereum-blockchain